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Herbal balm shampoo Rustic from nature


Probably a long time ago, with the busy hustle and bustle life, few customers are often immersed in the relaxing feeling of the smell of herbal locust, of the feeling of being relaxed and less noisy in the city and being released. loose yourself to return to the cool nature.
The leaves of the spa use very close products, extracted from grapefruit peel, lemongrass essence, ginger essence, specially refined coconut oil, oriental medicine, olive oil, fruit … to bring Customers special hair care treatments:
ẶcSpecial treatment for hair loss.
🎗Stimulate hair growth.
🎗Special treatment of scalp inflammation causing dandruff, itching
Moreover, combining methods of herbal foot bath, foot massage, neck and neck massage, # Laquespa is a friendly space as in the home of your dear customers, to take care of your health. Guests from the intensive therapy, but bring great effect.
Please contact before coming for the best service.
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  1. Tháng Hai 02, 2023 at 03:00 chiều

    dịch vụ massage ở đây thực tuyệt với, nhân viên kỷ thuật tốt nhiệt tinh.

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