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Massage hot stone therapy: the Benefits and the warnings


Currently, hot stone massage is chosen as a way to relax after a stressful working day instead of the traditional massage massage trend.

Such therapy hot stone massage is done as how as well as the benefits and risks that can happen with the type of massage this was.

Effect hot stone massage – that is using basalt (volcanic rock) the flat is heated and then placed on specific parts of the body. We selected these rocks because they hold heat and smooth to reduce the risk of skin lesions.

People usually soak them in hot water before use. Then they are put on the part of the body, such as: the back, abdomen, face, hands, feet…

Sometimes technicians massage holding the stone in hand and use them to massage. This allows clients to be therapy deeper into the body without pressure, help them to be more relaxing.

After the hot stones and cold stones used on the face. Cold temperature helps to soothe the swollen blood vessels and soothe the skin is hot before that.

This type of therapy hot stone therapy this is said to have originated in China almost 2,000 years ago. Since then, the technical use of stones for healing has been used in many different cultures, such as asian, America, Africa, egypt and India.



Massage with hot stones included basalt stones are heated in hot water and put into each part of the body.


In addition to deep relaxation, there are many benefits when therapeutic massage hot stone. Here are the 5 benefits of it:

Pain relief

Hot stone Massage in particular reduces symptoms in those who have symptoms of muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune disorders other.

A number of studies indicate that patients with muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis after combination of massage techniques just to have pain relief and improved mobility.

Reduce stress

Massage is effective method to reduce stress. A number of studies have shown that massage reduces stress and anxiety, while improving cardiovascular health.

Increase flexibility

The stress of the body can make the patient difficult and more painful when moving the joints. Massage helps relax muscles, making the body easier and more comfortable when moving.

People who suffers from joint pain can be especially benefit from hot stone massage.

Reduce muscle spasms

The muscles strain and spasm phenomenon leads to cramps cause a lot of pain and affecting daily life. Reduce inflammation and stress in skeletal muscle helps to reduce muscle spasms and pain. As has been said, the massage and used hot stones can promote the relaxation of muscles and joints in the body to reduce pain and spasms.

Sleep better

Many people do not sleep at night or insomnia is due to factors such as stress and work schedule busy. Reviews of a number of documents about the effectiveness of massage shows that this method is useful in promoting relaxation and brings sleep in older people.

However, hot stone massage may not be suitable for some people and any concerns should also be given to the treating physician or professional health care. There are some people who should not use massage treatments, and more specifically hot stone massage if any of the following factors:

Skin lesions

Anyone who has been injured or hurt on skin should avoid hot stone massage until the wound is healed.

The bruising, cuts or scratching of the skin, burns or varicose veins will increase the chance of infection through bacteria from oil massage or stone, the more severe will increase the risk of tissue damage the skin.

Infection or disease

If a fever, cold or influenza, should avoid massage until they feel better.

The fever can be spread of their germs, and they will have difficulty in regulating body temperature. This will let them feel more uncomfortable when hot stones are placed on the skin.

Heart disease

Heart disease can cause swelling or other problems with veins or arteries in the legs. Both of these can be negatively affected by the massage.


Diabetes affects nerves and blood vessels in the fingers and feet. People with diabetes can lose sensation in the hands and feet, causing them to not feel the burning pain if there is damage, eg burns due to stones too hot. When the massage, they may not know whether the employee therapy any massage too strong, or too hot to hurt the skin.

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