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Natural Pink White Skin Treatments like Korea

To get a natural pink and white skin, you need to have skin care and skin care practices every day. Depending on the skin, you can choose a suitable skin care method to beautify the youthful and healthy natural skin, giving the skin always smooth and white with time.

Here are a few skin care products that you can consult.


Skin also needs daily moisturizing no matter how beautiful it is at the present time. The best moisturizer is to regularly drink coconut water, both to provide water and minerals that the body loses, and to effectively moisturize the skin from the inside, counteract the aging process thanks to coconut water containing cytokinin. Besides, drinking coconut water helps us enhance blood circulation, helps you get healthy body and a ruddy skin, dispel stress, fatigue …

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Before going to bed you should use moisturizing products for your skin.

Depending on the type of skin to choose the right moisturizer for your skin, you should use body lotion that has a high moisturizing ingredient and is completely extracted from nature.


This is also one of the daily skincare ways you need to beautify your skin. You can use a natural facial mask and combine it with morning and evening whitening cream.

You can use a mixture of fruit ingredients like pure rice bran powder, fresh sugar-free milk, fresh lemon juice, and honey. Mix all these ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. Exfoliating or bathing is very clean. Spread the mixture evenly over your body for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do it twice a week, after 3 months you will see a bright white skin.

Smooth care

The acne, melasma, tortoise spots make your skin become old and rough. Therefore, you need to take care of smooth skin by:

Acne treatment on the face: You find ways to treat acne on the face with natural methods such as mask maintenance, you need to find out the cause of acne and find ways to prevent and treat acne such as proper hygiene, supply Provide adequate moisture for the skin, check the amount of lubricant on the skin surface, choose the right type of cosmetics and creams, acne creams combined with diets and stress relief exercise, find How to detoxify the body.

Nursing skin color honey charming

– Natural sunbathing: How to nourish your skin with natural methods always bring you beautiful long-lasting skin, you can use natural oils to beautify the skin, combined with the sunshine to help The skin is always strong and elastic.

– Artificial method: If you do not have time to sunbathe but still want a glossy brown skin, you can use a tanning machine with the method of spraying on the body or creams of color. wait. The advantage of this method is that you can get back your skin as bright as before.


Along with time, human age makes the skin gradually change. As for old skin, there is a lack of nutrients and regeneration and elasticity also becomes weak, so you need to work More extras to replenish essential nutrients for skin and health.

The most effective way to fight skin aging is to incorporate a healthy diet, skip bad habits and replace it with a more scientific lifestyle. An important secret to being young is to use sunscreen daily and start using anti-aging cosmetics from the age of 23.

Nursing for youthful recovery

Currently at the spa has many effective services to rejuvenate skin like reflexology massage for firm skin, soak in herbal baths or improve wrinkles, dark pigmentation by laser light.

At home, you can practice yoga, meditate regularly to regain the youthful look from the spirit, the air to the hair, the skin.

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