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Massage Vietnam what’s the difference compared with the massage method in the world?



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Day as much as the massage center, Vietnam introduction with many methods of different massage. Not least the care center, health center, Spa application massage method of Japanese, Thai. Let’s see massage Vietnam what’s the difference compared with the massage method in the world.

Massage (Massage) to read English is massage. This is a method to improve the health problems with the hands, feet or mechanical equipment to do muscle tension, shifts or vibrates the muscles and bones of humans. During massage the movements are common is massage, massage, knead, claw, day, indian, press, finely chop or pat…. To perform these activities can use hands, including fingers, elbows, legs: feet, knees… or use the tools specialized. Depending on each school that have massage techniques different.

Massage Vietnam

Massage Vietnam has a very long life. Since ancient times, in ancient times people wrote use your hands to create tools to serve life, and use skillful hands to impact the body with techniques but gentle, but highly effective in the prevention and treatment of illness, giving comfort to body and spirit.

With long-standing culture, Vietnam has a background of traditional medicine with the doctor known about the medicine and the healing techniques, the peculiarities are handed down and widely disseminated. The names of the famous y famous with the medicine effective cure can be listed as: the 14th century may y Tue Tinh – cast the experience therapeutic massage in the “List of Male Herbal Spirit Brand”. In the 15th century there Nguyen Live with the healing experience for children is recorded in his book, “The british wage equation”. The 18th century has Training The Main with the book “The birth dien tho toan weak”. At the same time it is Hai Thuong Lan ong reiterated treatments with massage to prevention and treatment in this book, “hygiene and weak decision”.

Massage Vietnam in modern life is that many people choose to health care

Today, massage Viet Nam mainly apply the method of physical therapy according to the methods of traditional medicine. Massage, physical therapy liệụ is the extended structure of the movements exposure instinctively coordination of movements bring solitude or in collaboration, help cure muscular disorders, osteoarthritis, or other disorders of psychological feelings, reduce stress, life triggers.

The massage method in the world

Massage today more varied than the first lot, by the introduction of the method other massage in the world. Some kind of massage popular in Vietnam can be listed as:

Chinese Massage: Chinese Massage includes a variety of categories it is using the movements, push, pull, manipulate, muscle or pinching, pressing acupressure points. The technical friction, vibration is also used in schools of Massage.

Korean: Korean consists of the day – indian circle, horizontal, vertical, back muscles and push force.

Japanese Massage – Massage Shiatshu: Massage, Shiatshu there are Massage techniques use the hands, knees, elbows,feet to the acupuncture points of the human body. This technique use your thumbs to press the acupuncture points, blood vessels to make blood circulation.

Massage Vietnam according to the method of physical therapy brings many benefits for health

Thai Massage: traditional Thai Massage, also called NUAD (nu – át) in the Thai language, is reflecting the long history of treatments of health. Thai Massage influenced by the movements in Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and the acupuncture points according to traditional medicine, China. Technicians use parts legs, used to create gravity effects on the human body are made are let loose, mainly matching breath to pull, stretch, stretch the muscles and open the joints difficult to move as the knee, ankle, wrist, hip bones, shoulders and neck.

From here, we can see that massage in Vietnam in comparison with the massage method in the world to use more movements than in other words, massage in Vietnam is a combination of many movements, including the movements of hands, feet, elbows, not about a movement of the finger.

Together massage between the countries differ only in technical essence massage will bring people good health, new energy, help people relax and limit the pain, even is used to treat the disease.

Nail & Spa 68 massage – address professional massage, healthy in Ha Noi is people favorite

However, ago the massage of Vietnam did not receive the favor of people because the unit illegal business cause many bad, unhealthy for the massage. But today, there are many massage center, care center community health maintain the form massage physical therapy tradition and developed it into where health care for the community as well as an address massage healthy. One of the units is people’s favorite choice is the point to massage is center, health care Incense (Nail & Spa 68 massage).

Achievements, merit, Nail & Spa 68 has been in the health care community

Here is the address to the people Of Hanoi reviews is unit, massage, physical therapy, healthy, not just bring people relaxation, mental clarity which also helps push back the pain and disease. Therefore, Nail & Spa 68 massage are always people to support and look to as home to Reflexology Massage or massage healing.

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