Since ancient times, mothers and grandmothers have used herbal shampoo to have shiny hair long, thick, and healthy: Portuguese the Portuguese island, grapefruit, lemongrass… the hair of women today of 10 people, then 9 people suffer from dandruff itching hair loss. So why? The shampoo industry today have destroyed the know how much the beautiful hair of the woman. So let’s quickly move on to shampoo herb to have hair a healthy shine, bbw, stockings, no dandruff, itching, okay. Following things to note when shampoo natural herbal.

1. Herbal shampoo natural no chemicals should be no silky hair.
If you desire to wash your hair right the first time there was hair silky soft shiny, then it is impossible. Because only shampoo chemicals are substances silicon as coated 1 layer of membrane, wrap hair idea is silky soft but in fact is only the outer shell, also the inner substance was still weak, okay. Shampoo herbal the effects from from the cleaning fluid, and smooth in the herbs will impact gradually. New top will be slightly dry and hissing because this is the process herbal are balance the amount of oil on the scalp, and excretion of chemicals from the hair, okay. Undergo the recovery period will be for shiny hair naturally.

2. Herbal shampoo natural is not for the impatient

“Have patience!” is the mantra that any member of the herbal shampoo natural have to belong. Your hair will not become beautiful right after a few times. The hair becomes dry or oil terrible is that most people are facing. But, no need to worry, the symptoms that will gradually reduce and disappear.
In addition, you also need to listen to their hair. There is only one method but with each one, how to apply can be different. Through the implementation process you will get anything out of accordance with her own hair, what should be avoided.

3. Herbal shampoo – natural- Success or failure is based all on you
The hair is nice or bad depends on your habits take care of you. If you still use a hot dryer, curling iron regular straightener constant or change color dyeing xoành splat whether drugs or natural herbal you also don’t change the situation.
4. Only use shampoo before switching to a herbal shampoo natural
Your hair need to peel away layers of silicon of the products, shampoo, conditioner, body care products before is care really. If you use both shampoo and conditioner, hair strands will have a cover layer of silicon thickness and the process impact of herbal shampoo, natural hair will take more time. At least 2 weeks before applying herbal shampoo natural, let’s just wash your hair with shampoo.

5. Hard water is the enemy of the herbal shampoo natural
Natural water is considered hard if it contains over 3 milligrams cation calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (+) in a liter, it will cause precipitated when baking soda. Mud and minerals in hard water also make you feel hair becomes heavy and not clean. So invest in a filter shower to have water quality activities best, okay. This not only serves for method herbal shampoo natural but also necessary to protect the health of you.

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