Massaging stone at NAIL & SPA 68 is a form of physical stimulation that directly affects the skin, nerves, blood vessels and receptors causing changes in nerves, fluids, endocrine, thereby improving the functioning capacity of the nervous system, improving the nutrition process and body’s resistance.

Effects of massage on the body:
1. Systemic effects: improving nutrition, enhancing resistance, enhancing neurological activities by directly stimulating the receptors of the body, causing neurological reflexes It is beneficial for the health of secreting cellular hormones such as choline, compounds, histamine … etc, increases the activity of the nervous system and venous circulation.
2. Effects on muscles: the massage process increases muscle endurance, helps to quickly recover from fatigue. When muscles work a lot (eg walking a lot, exercising as much as playing rock balls, tennis …) will cause spasticity, edema, pain … and the massage process will eliminate those symptoms, in addition massage also helps against muscle atrophy, positively accumulates glycogen to help muscles well nourished.
3. Effects on the nervous system: the massage process has a positive effect on the cerebral cortex, depending on the state of the patient and different massage methods, helping to increase the excitement when testing EEG.
4. Effects on tendons – joints: massage will increase elasticity, activity of tendons, ligaments, promote the secretion of joints and circulation around the joints, so it will stop the phenomenon of stagnant synovial fluid. and swelling of the sacs of fluid in the joints, which improves blood and lymph circulation around joints, tendons, and bones …
5. Effects on the circulatory system: Massage supports the blood and heart circulation very well, reduces the burden on the heart due to vasodilation, helps blood flow better, faster to areas far from the heart such as the fingertips , toes …. For blood pressure, clinical practice has shown that massage in the head and upper body will be very easy to make the blood pressure rise, and will make the blood pressure lower if the massage is half lower body. In addition, when Massage into the 2nd and 3rd vertebra will lower blood pressure, massage on the 6th and 7th vertebra may increase blood pressure. For blood, during massage, the number of red blood cells and platelets increases, helping to increase the body’s defenses.
6.Lymph effects: Very good massage with lymphatic system. Massage has a direct effect of pushing lymph in a certain direction, making the lymphatic circulation increase many times faster, causing rapid swelling of the target. Massage can reduce the symptoms for patients with heavy legs due to walking, or exercise too much, helping to recover faster and walk normally.
7. Respiratory effects :: When being massaged in the chest, the patient will breathe deeply due to the stimulating massage process on the chest composition and due to reflexes of the nerve. massage on the vertebra 6 and 7 will relax the lungs, while massage on the vertebra 4.5 will cause lung contractions, so doctors will massage the effect on these positions to support treatment for patients with asthma. bronchial, pulmonary sclerosis …

8. Effect on metabolism: The process of massage will increase the amount of urine but will not change the pH in the blood, if massaging will help excrete toxins accumulated in the body out of the way. more urine.
9. Effects on the digestive system: Massage works to enhance the activity of the stomach and intestines and improve digestive function …
In order to have a healthy body, in addition to eating, sleeping, exercising and exercising, your body needs a massage to stimulate the nervous system, help you relax more deeply, the spirit of clarity to do. work better, help support the joints, organ organs and especially the heart and lungs circulatory system …

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