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4 Bright Skin Recipes From Inside The Body

Today, there are many facilities, skin care beauty tools that help women become much more beautiful from the outside, but the beauty of the outside is often maintained only in the short term, if you want a beautiful and long-term baby, you must take care from inside the body.
Many people after the age of 25, the skin will age gradually, producing dry and dry skin, resulting in wrinkles and freckles. Therefore, if you want to maintain your youthful skin, you need to take care from inside, instead of just “covering up” outside.

The elimination of wrinkles or freckles that cannot be used for cosmetic treatment completely, cannot be done in a few days or weeks, but must last for months with scientific eating solutions , right way.

Want to be beautiful and sustainable, take care from deep inside

Fruit juice: Tomato juice

Tomato is one of the best detoxifying and beautifying skin fruits in the group of fruits and vegetables. One cup of tomato a day can treat freckles. The rich vitamin C in tomatoes is considered the most effective beauty medicine.

Cà chua

Nutrients in tomatoes help inhibit the skin’s tyrosinase activity, thereby preventing the formation of melanin, eliminating black pigmentation on the skin, helping the skin to become pink and white over time.

Porridge: Cucumber porridge (cucumber)

Ingredients include 100 grams of rice, fresh cucumber 300 grams, 2 grams of salt, ginger 10 grams. Wash clean rice, peeled cucumber, sliced, chopped ginger. Add 1000ml of water to the pot, add rice, and ginger into a big heat until boiling, then adjust the heat to cook the cooked porridge. Then cook cucumbers and add salt to eat.

Dưa leo

This is a good porridge for the skin, improving freckles, removing wrinkles. Women should eat this for a long time to feel effective.

Soup: Black-eared wood cooked jujube

Including 30 grams of black jasmine wood to be washed, 20 dried seeds of jujube, add the right amount of water, cook for half an hour or longer until it feels ripe.

Mộc nhĩ

Women often eat this soup to make the skin bright white gradually, limiting to grow more freckles, remove wrinkles.

Beverage: Honey lemon juice

Use fresh lemon mixed with warm water, add honey to taste and drink daily. Lemon juice not only makes skin maintain good moisture, high elasticity, but can also remove black pigmentation, reduce freckles and prevent aging effectively.

Mật ong

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