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According to statistics, up to 45% of women with “hairs” when starting birth control pills. In addition, endocrine disorders in the body when puberty, pre-menopause, or obesity body are capable of stimulating male hormones to develop the body hairs are darker and denser than the average. often. A recent study also showed that women often use pharmaceutical products containing steroids, or suffer from emotional, mental or eating food with many preservatives, additives … can lead to hairy condition.
Traditional hair removal methods are not effective: Depilatory drugs: drugs in the form of liquid or cream contain chemical ingredients with high acidity. This type of chemical will react with the protein structure of the hair, which will cause it to drop
Waxing: This is a temporary waxing method that can remove short hairs of 1mm or more. This method is simple, cheap and easy to use, but the result is only maintained for about 3-4 weeks.
Old laser hair removal: A method of using monochromatic light to impact hair follicles. A laser with a strong impulse will break down the hair follicles below. In addition to destroying hair follicles, high-power lasers also damage blood vessels that feed hair follicles, which will prevent hair growth in about 3 – 6 months. However, the common complication of laser hair removal is hyperpigmentation, which causes hyperpigmentation, or even burns, scarring of the skin …
Technology of E-light Biological Hair Removal:

The most modern, effective and safe hair removal technology, has been clinically tested by the US FDA.
Safe, painless or any side effects.
Is the hair removal method less time consuming. Hair falls off and does not regrow for at least 4 to 6 years.
In addition to hair removal, this technology also helps to lighten the skin, remove dark spots, shrink pores and limit rough skin conditions in the underarm area, prevent inflammation of hair follicles and ingrown hairs. .
Includes 7 steps:

Clean the hair removal area with a hot steam towel
Apply chalk and shave off the hair
Apply cold gel specifically to the place where it needs to be removed
Elight frequency adjustment is appropriate
Shot of E-light rays permanent hair removal
Skin hygiene after hair removal
Care advice after the course