NURSING SHAMPOO – Massage Nail & SPA 68 Phú Quốc


Hello lady, lady!
Very happy to welcome you to visit Nail & Spa 68 Salon, this is the place that will return the old, smooth hair for her, relax the entire body, mind, mind from the inside out with Nail & Spa 68 Massage

Nursing shampoo is a shampooing method combining the principle of oriental nutrition and shampoo to massage, massage acupuncture points located on the entire head, shoulder, neck, back and back of the body. Using a nursing shampoo will help your body relax, dispel the feeling of fatigue, stress buildup in work and life. Coming to our spa you will be trained by skilled technicians and massage therapists to dispel fatigue and regain balance.
Nail & Spa 68 is committed to using all natural ingredients from 100% such as dandelion, betel nut grass, incense like, ha thu o. Absolutely no chemicals and preservatives. With shampoos, you will find that the hair is a little hissing because the locals are naturally concentrated, so that after a while the hair will be smooth, and stimulate hair growth very quickly. After about 5-10 shampooings, your hair will grow out.
Raw materials from Bo Ket – Ha Thu O – Betel leaf – Lemon peel, grapefruit, ginger …
Combining the massage therapy method of Nail & Spa 68 with the aim of eliminating poison, eliminating the pain from the beginning, then lifting the facial muscles to both the neck and the shoulders.
How to shampoo without nails? Then use the fingertips, just rub, just press it even more, dentist, Nail & Spa 68 does not use nails to wash because it will make the cell layer on the scalp vulnerable and suffer from diseases of the scalp .